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Holmes Sisters on 3ABN

The Holmes Sisters were recently blessed with the opportunity to visit 3ABN and film not only our music, but some of our incredible, healthy recipes!

  • 3ABN VISIT With the 3ABN Family.
  • 3ABN VISIT On the cooking set with Jill Morikone.
  • 3ABN VISIT Singing praises to our God.

"Fear God and give glory to Him!" Rev. 14:6-12

There are those who refuse to be silent—who preach and sing about their faith in a loving and saving God. These are the ones who believe that when Jesus is lifted up people are going to be drawn to Him. They realize that their strength lies in the one who their message is all about.

Kimberly, Taisha, and Janeth take from their musical past which has taken them from the US to Canada and Europe, and point their audiences to a bright future. Using their voices, piano, flute, and violin, the Holmes Sisters use classical, worship and praise, black gospel, contemporary Christian, southern gospel, and a capella music to say emphatically that God is in control, that He has a plan for each of us and that there is love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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